About Luis Valle

Luis Valle, better known as El Chan Guri, is a highly acclaimed muralist based in Miami, Florida. Born on April 16, 1977, in Managua, Nicaragua, Luis embarked on a remarkable artistic journey that transcends borders and inspires countless individuals. In his early years, Luis’s family was forced to seek refuge in the United States due to the war and political instability in Nicaragua. They settled in Miami, Florida, where Luis grew up and received his primary education. Even at a young age, Luis showed immense talent in the arts, excelling in various creative endeavors. Luis pursued his passion for art by seeking formal training at Florida State University in Tallahassee, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Visual Arts. This rigorous program provided him with a solid foundation and allowed him to refine his artistic techniques. Driven by an insatiable desire to explore new artistic horizons, Luis went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Arts from New York University. Immersed in the vibrant art scene of one of the world’s creative hubs, he delved into the city’s museums and galleries, absorbing invaluable lessons and expanding his artistic vision. The allure of Art Basel and Miami’s thriving art scene eventually called Luis back to his roots. Returning to his hometown, he fully immersed himself in the local Miami art scene, collaborating closely with various communities and organizations. Luis worked in partnership with Arts For Learning Miami, the Miami Children’s Museum, the Miami-Dade Library Systems, the Boys and Girls Club of Miami, the Overtown Youth Center, Dade County Public Schools, The Art Experience, Giants in the City, Irreversible Projects, among numerous others. Through these collaborations, he used art as a powerful medium to engage and empower individuals of all ages and walks of life. In addition to his community involvement, Luis formed strong connections with several prominent art galleries and studios in Miami, playing a pivotal role in formulating captivating art exhibits and events. Notably, Luis co-founded Brisky Gallery Miami, where he served as the gallery director, curator, and showcased his own remarkable creations. Luis Valle’s artistic influence extends far beyond the borders of Miami. He has gained international recognition for his exceptional talent, with his murals adorning spaces in Chile, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Mexico, China, India, and throughout the United States. Each mural reflects his unique artistic style, capturing the essence of cultural diversity, heritage, and the human experience. Luis’s immense talent and unwavering dedication to his craft have established him as an artist who moves effortlessly between different cultures, enriching the artistic landscape wherever he goes. His murals serve as vivid testaments to the transformative power of art, uplifting communities and sparking conversations that resonate deeply with their viewers. With each stroke of his brush, Luis Valle, also known as El Chan Guri, channels his unique perspectives and experiences into a visual language that speaks to the hearts and minds of individuals worldwide. His artwork bridges gaps, breaks boundaries, and inspires a sense of unity and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

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